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Darryl Perry the miracle man suffered a massive heart attack leaving him in a vegetative state only to give his family and doctors the shock of their lives when he miraculously woke up three weeks later Darryl.  It thought he was playing, said his wife Nicky I thought he was snoring I kicked him you know you're snoring wake up and he just made a weird sound and when I looked he was not snoring at all. Nikki rushed him to the hospital and the first the paramedic who came to our house the first person on the scene said oh he's gone so that was the first negative indication that they thought he was gone. 

to think about when you're going to remove life support . We got rid of that one neurologist who was very negative and didn't want to give him a chance because I was not going to pull the plug I didn't feel like God was saying it was his time to go. We got another neurologist who was very straightforward a wonderful gentleman who said you know the brain is a mysterious organ we don't know everything! Every day there started to be little changes on his EEG he was still physically not moving not speaking not doing anything just still in a comatose state but the EEG would do strange things is what they would say the EEG would do and then eventually he started having other kind of brain activity yeah gave us more hope and kept treating him aggressively.  On day 11 he awakened from a coma.

I saw a light and then I saw the beautiful faces of my children and my beautiful wife and I went back away from the light, said Darryl Perry. 

The doctor told me the only brain activity we're seeing were continuous seizures he said the brain cells are making their last gasp for air they're all dying he will be brain dead you need

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